Project Ginkgo




Project Ginkgo is a first-person, East Asian, horror game made in UE4. It is a 2019-2020 Advanced Games Project (AGP) at USC. 

I am one of 4 engineers on the team, and I have programmed an enemy called the "Lantern Yokai". I have also developed a system for players to create “thread” splines between hook points for circuit puzzles. I'm currently working on creating accurate cloth collisions so the player can traverse the cloth that they stitch.

I’ve been working with a lead engineer to meet deadlines, and I regularly talk to the design and art team about my implementations. We all collaborate to come up with creative solutions to any given problem.

I've already learned a lot from working with a team of 23 people, and I think that this will profoundly impact me as a developer.

The team is fantastic, and I could not have asked for more amazing people to work with.