Grown Up

Programmer, Designer, 3D Modelling



This was a game made for the 2019 Global Game Jam. 

Explore your house as tiny you. What will you find? Will you try to leave?

This was my first group project in UE4, and it was programmed all in C++. I got to experiment and grow as a designer and programmer, which already made me happy. But I was also the only one on the team that knew how to work in UE4, so I got to help our other programmer figure out the engine. Overall, it was really rewarding to work with a group, and serve as the person that sort of made all the pieces come together. 

Twelve Siblings

This is a one page RPG based on the Grimm's fairy tale, The Twelve Brothers. You and your compatriots play as birds and try to rescue your sister from peril. 


Cursehole is a short film about a bunch of kids battling a demon in a game of cursed Corn Hole. I was the Assistant Director on this project and helped keep track of shot lists, corral people, and performed several other miscellaneous tasks. It was a week-long shoot, almost exclusively at night, in a partially confederate graveyard in Kansas City. It was extremely cold, and extremely fun. 

TkUUDo (2).jpg

The premier vaporwave scorpion arcade survival game, CRAWL N BRAWL. Fight for your life in 3 different arenas as a scorpion with a sword for a tail. Made for the 2018 Global Game Jam. This game is profoundly terrible in the best ways.

Money, INC

Money, Inc. is a short film about a young businessman (played by myself) who is having some trouble running his grandfather's company. Who better to call for assistance than the fine folks at Money, Inc? This was directed by my good friend Avery Wolahan.