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Role: Creative Director

A co-op cooking & driving game where players maneuver a souped-up race car around a fantastical city to create crazy dishes, and satisfy diverse customers.


I am directing ~30 people from Summer 2020 - Spring 2021 on this upcoming USC Games capstone project. I provide creative direction to our 6 departments, present development milestones to outside parties and faculty, and support design & engineering by helping to design and implement gameplay features.


I made a promotional game for the band Spud Cannon's upcoming album. Feel free to contact me if you want to collaborate on a promotional game.

I did a lot of work to maintain a central focus on the music while making the game weird, accessible, and performant. It was super rewarding to collaborate with a musical act like this and I'd love to do it again. (2).gif

Role: Gameplay Programmer

Ginkgo is a 3D first-person atmospheric adventure with Asian horror influences in which you solve puzzles with a magic needle.​

I worked with designers & engineers to implement core gameplay systems using Blueprints and C++. Features include the thread hooks, lantern creatures, and misc. needle mechanics. 


Role: Designer & Programmer

Players must use the affordances of a tape recorder to solve puzzles. Instead of the tape recorder recording audio, it records the movement of objects.

I designed and implemented the core gameplay systems involving the recorder. I collaborated with my partner to tutorialize mechanics and create progressively challenging puzzles.


Loosely based on the smash-hit 2019 movie, Cursehole, this game sees players throwing beanbags in hell to score points and potentially win the favor of Satan.

For this prototype, I created cards with procedurally generated "Satanic" glyphs that players trace to augment their beanbags. I also implemented throwing and scoring, while generally trying to evoke goofy & satanic vibes. This also links to several other prototypes I made alongside this. 

Switch between perspectives to traverse levels in both 2D and 3D.

This was my first experience with UE4, and I used this game to teach myself about Unreal, how to program games in C++, and how to 3D model. 


feel free to say hi


The premier vaporwave scorpion arcade survival game, CRAWL N BRAWL. Fight for your life in 3 different arenas as a scorpion with a sword for a tail. Made for the 2018 Global Game Jam.

This game is profoundly terrible in the best ways, and I had a blast making it with my pals Zach and Sterling..

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