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Role: Director, Programmer, 3D Artist

Spenser's Challenge is a 2D adventure game with 3D dialogue-based mini-game segments. Complete various challenges assigned to you by a manchild genie named Spenser. Will you get a reward? Who knows with this guy.

Since this project started in the Summer of 2019, I've been acting as the director of a team of 5, while also working on 3D art and programming for the game.

Wheelin' & Mealin'

Role: Creative Director

W&M is a 2 player cooperative driving game where one person is a driver that controls a food delivery kart, and the other player is a chef that sits in the back of the car and cooks special meals. The two must work together to deliver food to hungry customers throughout a vibrant and bustling city. 

I will be directing ~20 people from Summer 2020 - Spring 2021 on this upcoming USC Games capstone project.

Role: Designer, 3D Modeller

Planet Quest is a 3D printed strategy board game where players race to explore the galaxy. Players discover planets, complete quests, strategize ship upgrades, and battle each other to be the first to explore the ends of the galaxy. Our aim is to create an approachable, yet deep gameplay experience for those new to the strategy game genre.

          spring 2020

Role: Gameplay Programmer

Ginkgo is a 3D first person atmospheric adventure with Asian horror influences in which you solve puzzles with a magic needle.‚Äč

Make amends with your estranged mother after her death by exploring a dreamlike world that shows life from her perspective.

A game with retro vibes where players must use the affordances of a tape recorder to solve puzzles in 3D. Instead of the tape recorder recording audio, it instead records the movement of objects. Players must record, play, rewind, and pause various objects to make their way through familiar spaces.


Pinball Teaches Typing is a Pinball game that employs typing game elements. Type words, hit the ball, get points, and hopefully increase your WPM along the way. 


Loosely based on the smash-hit 2019 movie, Cursehole, this game sees players throwing beanbags in hell to score points and potentially win the favor of Satan.


Navigate a rescue boat and try to get the stranded people back to the lighthouse.


I worked on 9 total prototypes during Spring 2020, Cursehole and Lighthouse included. (Almost) all of them can be seen and played here.

               summer 2019

This isn't a game, but it is something I'm proud of. Money, Inc. is a short film about a young businessman (played by myself) who is having some trouble running his grandfather's company. Who better to call for assistance than the fine folks at Money, Inc? This was directed by my good friend Avery Wolahan.

During this summer I was also teaching at a tech camp and working on Spenser's Challenge. 


                    spring 2019

Role: Programmer, Designer, 3D Art

This was a game made for the 2019 Global Game Jam. Explore your house as tiny you. What will you find? Will you try to leave?

Made with UE4 in C++


This is a one page RPG based on the Grimm's fairy tale, The Twelve Brothers. You and your compatriots play as birds and try to rescue your sister from peril. 

                         winter 2018

This is the demo for Relativity. Switch between perspectives to traverse levels in both 2D and 3D. This was my first experience with UE4 and it was done in C++.


Cursehole is a short film about a bunch of kids battling a demon in a game of cursed Corn Hole. I was the Assistant Director on this project and helped keep track of shot lists, corral people, and performed several other miscellaneous tasks. It was a week-long shoot, almost exclusively at night, in a partially confederate graveyard in Kansas City. It was extremely cold, and extremely fun. 


                              spring 2018

The premier vaporwave scorpion arcade survival game, CRAWL N BRAWL. Fight for your life in 3 different arenas as a scorpion with a sword for a tail. Made for the 2018 Global Game Jam. This game is profoundly terrible in the best ways.

TkUUDo (2).jpg

                                   summer 2016


This is the first game I ever made. It's on my old laptop and I'm in the process of digging it up to put on here. I'm proud of every game that I make. It's kinda my job to love them as the person who made them. So I'm trying to proudly display all my stuff here.