i'm a black & hispanic guy from kansas city

who likes rats and speed racer (2008)


come say hi!


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i make weird games that i think are neat

I love making experimental and strange games. Through this exploration, I end up with some garbage, but I often end up with compelling experiences, and I always grow from going outside of my comfort zone.

i prioritize gameplay

I believe that the principal facet of games is their gameplay. So, I'm deeply concerned with making gameplay pop. As a programmer and designer, I focus on enabling player expression through gameplay systems, making the gameplay feel juicy, and delivering emotional impact through gameplay scenarios.

i make games for the people

I make games because they allow me to connect to people. Those connections come from both the fun & frustration that people have when they're playing my stuff. But they also come from the relationships and experiences I get to have with the people I work with. Whatever the case, people are ultimately why I make games.